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Balanced and Empowering Fitness Guidance, 100% Online
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Do you want to…
  • Love what you see in the mirror?
  • Feel at peace in your body?
  • … and enjoy the process?

I’m Rachel Trotta! For my clients, losing weight and getting in shape doesn’t have to mean hours at the gym or bland, diet-y meals. I train busy people 100% online to help them save time and get the results they really want, with key goals, strategies, and support… while still living real life! No more spinning your wheels!

What I like best about Rachel’s approach is that becoming healthy and fit is all about habits and small changes. There are no drastic diets, special foods, or long workouts required. Just several consistent workouts a week and a planned, balanced, healthy diet. All of it is incredibly doable with minimal change to my daily life. I am amazed and how much she has helped me accomplish in so short a time, in both weight loss and strength training. Thank you, Rachel!

~ Robin Y., Louisiana

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Where I Train

Currently, I see clients online anywhere in the US, Canada, or Europe. Set up a Zoom call to explore your options!

What You Get

You will get the help you need to achieve your physical goals – any combination of weight loss goals and performance goals (like running a race).

We’ll do this through:

  • Efficient, easy-to-follow workouts that will get you fitter, stronger, and faster
  • Nutrition coaching that fits your needs, goals, and personality
  • Accountability, structure, focus, and purpose
  • Tracking progress regularly
  • Lifestyle coaching to improve your relationship with your body and your weight

If you’re the kind of person who cares about titles, I’m a:

  • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
  • Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM)
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist (ACE)
  • Therapeutic Exercise Specialist (ACE)

What do all those titles and letters mean? In short, I have the training, experience, and expertise to get you to your goals in a safe, smart way.

Why I Care

In 2009, I was:

  • 50 pounds overweight
  • Sedentary
  • Out of breath on a simple walk

In 2010, I transformed my lifestyle and lost 50 pounds. In other words, I know not only what it’s like to lose extra weight and keep it off, but I understand how this changes your relationship with yourself, food, and your body.

Are you ready to:

  • Love what you see in the mirror?
  • Feel great in your favorite clothes?
  • Radiate confidence in your body?
  • Experience peace around your food choices?

Let’s get started.

Rachel Trotta personal trainer

Rachel Trotta here. As someone who has maintained a 50-lb. weight loss for 10 years (and has had ups and downs and challenges), I know that transformation is more than skin deep.

If you’ve been stressed out and exhausted by the demands of your lifestyle, I can promise you that recapturing your fitness is about more than just weight loss.

Reclaiming your body empowers you, builds mental and physical strength, provides clarity, and helps you enjoy life more. It’s not just about the number on the scale – it’s about having the knowledge and confidence that you are living the best version of your life.

I started out as a gym and in-home trainer in New York City. But in 2016, I began to transition to online training, and the pandemic nudged me to 100% remote coaching. Training online is empowering – what people need most is confidence in themselves so that they can be independent and consistent in their routines, as well as true to their own internal compass.

I adore online training because this beautifully integrated model of giving people the education, habits, and tools they need to be successful – and then letting them do it, without either hand-holding or “tough love” – really, truly works.

Make today the first day you recapture that focus and empower yourself. Find out what online training is all about.

Need Help with Nutrition?

I have three nutrition goals for my clients: strengthen your habits, get great results, and nurture your relationship with food. A huge part of those outcomes is planning. In this free download, I’ve done some of the work for you! Get four weeks of meals laid out for you – less thinking, more doing, and better results.

It’s a taste of nutrition coaching, but without the commitment. Download for free!

About Rachel Trotta

Rachel TrottaI’m a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) with specializations in fitness nutrition, women’s fitness, pre/postnatal, and physique and bodybuilding. While my home base is New Jersey, I help clients all over the world. My philosophy is that transformation is more than just skin deep – because of my own 50-pound weight loss, I understand how building your health changes you from the inside out.

I work with clients one-on-one anywhere in the US and Canada. I provide direct programming and calls for strength coaching, weight loss, and healthy lifestyle change. My clients experience real results every day – check out their testimonials!

I’ve also been featured in Women’s Health, Insider, Well+Good, and the Huffington Post; and I’ve authored articles for MindBodyGreen and Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.

I’m also a wife, mom, nature lover, runner, avid cook, weightlifting aficionado, history nerd, travel addict, and obsessive podcast listener.

Want to pick my brain, or find out more about working with me? If you’re looking to transform your lifestyle and see real change in your body and your mind within three months, set up a call for free to figure out what approach is right for you. I am currently accepting new clients and am excited to meet you!