Contact: Rachel Trotta, Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist  


Find the Right Fit

The first step to starting one-on-one coaching is setting up a phone call with me to discuss what will work for you. The phone call is short and sweet – just five minutes – and there’s no pressure to buy.


Please note that at this time, the only condition under which I train a minor is in the case of a student athlete who wants to maintain conditioning and strength off-season and has access to a gym or home gym. I do not train minors for general health or weight loss. 

Here’s how it works
  • Step 1: You schedule a phone call.
  • Step 2: I call you, and we discuss schedule (how often we meet), pricing (month-to-month or a package), and options (in-home, in-studio, or online). 
  • Step 3: You decide which package works best for you and settle on a starting date (usually the following week).
  • Step 4: I get your schedule, workout plan, and nutrition set up on my online system. During that time, I also stay in close contact with you to help you prepare yourself and your home for success.
  • Step 5: We get started on your goals on the first Monday of your plan!

And if you decide that we’re not the right fit, don’t worry – you won’t get tons of e-mails or phone calls.

Besides, if you choose a plan with a weight loss goal, I have a risk-free guarantee – your money back if you don’t hit certain milestones. Ask me about it when you set up your call.