DIY Programs

90-Day Home Workout Challenge

This 12-week program distills the strategies that work for my private clients, with workouts that boost your metabolism, sculpt lean muscle, and build a stronger you.

4-Week Nutrition Jumpstart

I will teach you the core methods I use with my clients to lose weight sustainably, without deprivation or “dieting.” Take control of cravings, meal planning, blood sugar, and gut health.

Bundle Both for Best Results

 For a limited time, I am offering a discount on the bundle to those who will keep close track of their results and answer in-depth questions each week about their experiences with the program!

Just the Workouts

90-Day Home Workout Challenge

Just the Nutrition

4-Week Nutrition Jumpstart

Bundle Both

Special Discount

About the Courses

How much do the programs cost?

They are $99 individually, but $175 if you bundle them together.

What do they include?

The 90-Day Home Workout Challenge provides you with 12 weeks of minimalist home workouts that you can complete on your own schedule. The 4-Week Nutrition Jumpstart gives you weekly assignments and eating goals. All of the information is provided to you individually, not in a group format. You can message me personally, too.

How many workouts per week?

The 90-Day Home Workout Challenge contains a baseline of 3 workouts per week, with an optional 1-2 bonus workouts per week.

What do I have to change about my eating?

Unlike many “diet” programs, this 4-Week Nutrition Jumpstart is really focused on your nutrition and health, as well as your relationship with food. Instead of focusing on what not to eat, we focus on what to eat (and how to eat). So you can adapt the weekly nutrition assignments to any diet that you may follow for personal reasons, and you don’t need to track calories or macros in an app to be successful.

How hard are the workouts?

These workouts are aimed at the intermediate exerciser – someone who is already doing some strength training and is familiar with moves like squats and lunges, for example. While this program doesn’t focus on high intensity to generate results (i.e., there are no burpees), shoot me an e-mail if you are a true beginner who doesn’t know a squat from a lunge. I have a different program for you.

Is this the right fit for me if I'm a current client?

If you’re a nutrition-only client, I would highly encourage you to do the 90-Day Home Workout Challenge. But if you’re already working with me one-on-one on fitness and nutrition, your bases are covered. Sending this page to a friend is a great way to get someone else started, but you’re already further on the journey.

Pilates body

About Me

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, a Women’s Fitness Specialist, a Physique and Bodybuilding Coach, and a health writer featured in Women’s Health, POPSUGAR, Well+Good, Huffpost, Parade, Insider, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and more. But I’m also a busy mom, a hustling small business owner, and someone who has lost weight and kept it off for more than 10 years. While I’m passionate about health, I also understand what people want and need from their diet and exercise habits: simplicity, sustainability, and sanity.

For years I traveled to my clients’ apartments in New York City, doing one-on-one training. But I started transitioning online in 2016, because I noticed that many of my clients thrived when I left them with concrete “homework” to do their own. Instead of having to commit to an hour-long appointment several times a week (which isn’t easy with a busy schedule), they could complete most of their workouts based on their own convenience, and get great results.

One thing led to another, and now I’m completely online. While I still know that people need support and structure and expertise, I also firmly believe that what people need most is confidence in themselves that they can be independent and consistent in their routines, as well as true to their own internal compass.

My clients in New York City paid thousands of dollars a month for seeing me three times a week, with nutrition squeezed in as a side conversation. Now, my private clients pay between $325-$455 per month for as many personalized strength and cardio workouts as they could possibly want, as well as unlimited messaging and 45-minute phone calls exclusively dedicated to nutrition coaching.

This beautifully integrated model of giving people the education, habits, and tools they need to be successful – and then letting them do it, without either hand-holding or “tough love” – really, truly works.

“If someone would have told me that you CAN eat and lose weight, I would’ve signed up earlier. Rachel is so knowledgeable and precise.”

– Beth Z.

“I feel like I just got issued a new body and I know how to maintain it.”

– Lori Q.

“Rachel will meet you where you are, help you set reasonable plans, build on what works and quickly move on from what doesn’t. Through my own hard work and commitment, and guidance and support from Rachel, I feel mentally and physically stronger, healthier, and more balanced.”

– Caitlin M.

Now, I’m “bottling” what works for these clients, and offering these strategies at an even more radically attainable price point. You can choose whether you want to do just workouts, just nutrition, or (my favorite) the integrated model of doing both at the same time.

So if you want to stop spinning your wheels with diet dogma and an endless cycle of exhausting-yet-pointless workouts, and you’re ready to see real results within weeks of starting, let’s dive in!

Choose Your Program

Just the Workouts

Have you been exercising diligently, but not getting tangible results like you used to? My 90-Day Home Workout Challenge will help you to burn fat without feeling burned out. In this 12-week plan, I distill the exercise science strategies that I use with my successful clients – smart resistance training that emphasizes building lean muscle and boosting your metabolism, shorter workouts that fit a demanding schedule, and plenty of rest days to recover and explore other modes of movement.

Just the Nutrition

So many women spend a disproportionate amount of their adult life unsuccessfully dieting. It doesn’t have to be that way! In my 4-week Nutrition Jumpstart interactive course (with weekly assignments and unlimited messaging), I will teach you the core methods I use with my clients to lose weight sustainably, without deprivation or diet dogma. Instead, I address the issues that most affect women – cravings prevention, effective meal planning, blood sugar balance, and gut health.

Bundle Both for Best Results

Fitness and nutrition are most effective when they work together. With the power of workouts and nutrition combined, you’ll start to see differences on the scale, in the mirror, and in your clothes within a few weeks. Done concurrently, the 90-Day Home Workout Challenge will build lean muscle while the 4-Week Nutrition Jumpstart will steadily shape your diet to your goals. You will be amazed at the effect of small, sustainable changes to your lifestyle – and your mindset!

Just the Workouts

12 weeks of home workouts with minimal equipment, expert guidance, and flexible scheduling.

Just the Nutrition

4 weekly nutrition assignments to build better meals, balance blood sugar, improve gut health, reduce cravings, and get better results.

Bundle Both for Best Results

Get both programs at a discount, and enjoy the transformative power of combining workouts and nutrition coaching!