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“I really wasn’t expecting to see much of a difference at the end of three weeks. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I lost two inches on my waist, and I particularly saw a difference in definition in my legs.” – Cristin

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About the Jumpstart

Self-care is not a luxury – feeling good in your body is essential! This program is designed to be efficient, simple, and stress-free! Within my app, the program provides a complete nutrition guide, unlimited messaging and support, as well as 3 weeks of workouts that you can complete on your own schedule, at home, or at the gym. Nutrition modules include:

  • 13 Easy Meal Ideas
  • 5 On-the-Go Snack Ideas to Power Up
  • My Ultra-Simple Meal Plan Blank Template
  • My Ultra-Simple Meal Plan Example
  • 5 Secrets to Boosting Your Metabolism
  • The “Lose Weight Without Tracking” Meal Formula
  • My Healthy Shopping Checklist
  • 10 High-Protein Tricks to Ensure Fat Loss
  • 10 Tips to Dine Out and Stay Lean
  • My “Decoding Your Cravings” Guide to Staying on Track

“My body feels like MINE. It doesn’t feel as foreign. It doesn’t look as puffy. It feels like it’s my body and I’m in control of it.” – Lauren

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The 3-Week Results Jumpstart includes a baseline of 3 strength workouts per week, with an optional bonus HIIT workout every week. I also include cardio recommendations and rest days. The participants who get the best results do at least 75% of the workouts.

These workouts are aimed at someone who knows how to do squats and planks, for example, but has gotten a little out of shape. The workouts can also be modified to make them easier or harder.

Only about 25-45 minutes, max.

I include an example meal plan and many recipes, meal prep ideas, and snack ideas (with a family-friendly focus), but there are no foods you have to cut out. Unlike many “diet” programs, this 3-week results jumpstart is focused on your nutrition and health, as well as your relationship with food. Instead of focusing on what not to eat, we focus on what to eat (and how to eat). My nutrition coaching focuses on high protein, high fiber, and high satiety, with the goal of building lean muscle, reducing hunger, and improving digestion. You can adapt the recipe ideas and meal plan example to any diet that you may follow for personal reasons (like a gluten-free or dairy-free diet, for example), and you don’t need to track calories or macros in an app to be successful. Instead, I give you meal ideas, nutrition education, and empowerment, to make your food work for you and allow for healthy, natural weight loss.

But Don’t Just Take My Word for It!

Laura, 4 pounds down: “I went from basically just getting random workouts in whenever I could (which means hardly at all) to having more specific goals of 2-3 strength workouts per week with light cardio wherever I had time/energy. My energy has definitely improved, and I feel great after I workout now! It fuels me to keep going now that I am feeling better overall and have already experienced great benefits.”

Sydney, 3 pounds down, 1 inch off waist and hips: “I’m happiest about seeing the small, incremental physical changes that I’ve been wanting for so long. It motivates me mentally to stick with what I’ve been doing!”

Cristin, 3 pounds down, 2 inches off waist: “I found myself very much looking forward to the 30-40 minutes I was going to spend on me only.”

Claudia, 3 pounds down, 2 inches off waist and hips: “I definitely had less cravings. Feeling more in shape and tighter.”

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About Me

I’m Rachel! I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, a Women’s Fitness Specialist, a Physique and Bodybuilding Coach, and a health writer featured in Women’s Health, POPSUGAR, Well+Good, Huffpost, Parade, Insider, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and more. I designed this program because I’m also a busy mom and a small business owner, and I’ve lost 50 pounds and kept it off for more than 13 years (including after having a baby).

As a personal trainer, I’m passionate about health – but I also understand what people want and need from their diet and exercise habits: simplicity, sustainability, and sanity. The active lifestyle, manageable workout schedule, and smart nutrition routines that I outline in this 3-week program are the exact habits that I use in my own life to stay fit without feeling like my entire life revolves around exercise and weight.

The problem is that when women try to lose weight, they often take extreme measures to see results quickly. This usually involves a restrictive diet, which causes metabolic rate to slow down, and then it just gets harder and harder to stick with the plan. What comes next? Burning out and giving up, but with an even slower metabolism than before, making weight gain easier.

But the 3-Week Results Jumpstart is different. You won’t be giving up any foods. You won’t be following any specific eating rules. Instead, you will learn how to nourish your needs, move (and fuel) your body, and achieve balance… while still getting results. As one participant said, “The way that I plan my food has changed; now I focus more on getting all of the nutrients that my body needs, instead of just hitting caloric goals.”

It’s not just a diet and workout plan – for three weeks, I’m going to be guiding you through a mindset change that will radically transform the way you think about your metabolism and your weight. And in the process, you’ll drop excess fat, see more muscle definition, and experience more freedom around food.

When you feed your body instead of fight your body, your transformation will begin.

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You can begin anytime, with practically no equipment.

Get access to the nutrition guides instantly!