The "Making the Changes That Matter" Project - Rachel Trotta, CPT/FNS/TES  

“Making the Changes That Matter”

making the changes that matter

“Making the Changes That Matter”

As a personal trainer and fitness nutritionist with a special focus on human behavior and motivation, it makes me sad when people invest huge effort in unsustainable changes.

I wish everyone knew that becoming healthier can be done with simple, small shifts that are easy, attainable, and repeatable.

Because of that, I am offering a free, open-resource weight loss project, that I am calling “Making the Changes That Matter.” Each Monday, I will release a newsletter that contains strategies to implement for the following week. These strategies, instead of being random jabs at healthier living, are structured, coherent, and orderly – they build on each other to create sustainable and manageable weight loss and weight maintenance.

Anyone can do it. It’s free, easy, and accessible.

To participate, you will need to fill out the form below and answer the questions that are e-mailed to you each Monday.

Plus, when you sign up below, you’ll get my free gift, the “3-Day Body Image Re-Set!” See you online!

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