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Fit Smart Fast – Book

I wrote the Fit Smart Fast book for people who…

  • Struggle to eat healthfully and meet their body’s needs
  • Feel that stress eating sometimes runs their life
  • Know that what they see on the scale and the mirror could be healthier
  • … But feel powerless to change long-term patterns

Is this you? Read on!

I’ve lost 50 pounds myself (and kept it off!) and I’ve literally written the book on weight loss. In less than 90 days, I’m going to use the Fit Smart Fast book to lead you through a proven framework process to:

  • Clean up your eating habits
  • Learn how to strengthen your willpower
  • Understand your body’s needs better
  • Decode your relationship with food
  • Lose 10-15 pounds

… All while enjoying the food and lifestyle that you love!

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FAQ About the Fit Smart Fast Book

If I read the book, do I have to follow a specific diet or give up any foods?

Definitely not. I include tips for shopping lists and meals, but overall I focus on:

  • Our habits around food (how to manage food cues and change behaviors through practice)
  • Nutrition science (how the foods we eat can impact on our behaviors, and how best to eat for health)
  • Our thinking and beliefs around food (what we learned growing up, our conditioned automatic responses, and more!)

In other words, you can follow any kind of meal plan and work with the strategies in this book. You can be vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous, or anything in between!

Does this book contain recipes?

It includes the link to download my cookbook (30 perfectly-portioned meals) for free.

Does this book contain workouts?

You can follow along using the workouts from the Fit Smart Fast 12-Week Program for an additional $9 per week. The two programs are meant to fit together hand-in-hand, and you get the book for free if you do the exercise program. Check it out here.

How much work is it? 

The 12-week program is meant to fit into your current lifestyle. The habit shifts are small, and are meant to help you look at, think about, and plan your food differently. You won’t have to overhaul your eating, and can make changes up the level that you’re comfortable on any given week.

Each week, there is a worksheet to fill out that will make a huge difference in your level of success. I encourage all of my coaching clients to use the worksheets diligently, and I would urge readers of the book to do the same.

If I need to lose weight fast, is this the right book for me? 

It certainly could be. If you are diligent and consistent in applying the strategies in the book and making them new habits, you should lose about one pound per week.

Ready to get started on the 12-week program? Download it now!