10 Healthy Snacks for Travel

10 Healthy Snacks for Travel

What You’ll Always Find in my Suitcase

Today, I’m going to give you a sneak peek of the kinds of healthy snacks for travel that I use myself, and also recommend that clients pack to help with on-the-road (or on-the-plane) snacking. These are tried-and-true, road-tested ways to get in more protein and fiber, and nip cravings in the bud.

For the Plane / Car

I like all of these products/foods because:

  • They’re relatively small and easy to pack
  • They’re pre-packaged into portions
  • They can fly on a plane (no liquids, no travel restrictions)
  • They not to get crushed
  • They’re generally high in protein and/or fiber, which are very filling

I’m including Amazon links, but I’m not an affiliate and I don’t benefit from you making these purchases. In fact, I know that some of these products can be found for much better prices at my local grocery store. Use Amazon if you want convenience, but please know that you have other options, too.

Here are my 10 top choices for healthy travel snacks!

There are two more foods that I recommend, but they don’t travel quite as well, partly because of smell. Those two foods would be (you may have already guessed):

  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Canned fish like tuna or sardines

Travel with these foods at your own peril – you may alienate your travel mates! But if you’re traveling alone on a car trip, for example, these foods can make absolutely wonderful, filling, whole-food, protein-rich snacks.

Once you arrive at your destination, you might be able to up-level with some fresher foods like Greek yogurt and more fruit. But these non-perishables will get you through a road trip, long excursions, or a day on a plane and running through airports.

I also adjust how much food I pack for a trip based on how confident I am that I’m going to be able to find healthful, nutritious food when I arrive at my destination. If I know I’m walkable to grocery stores in a city, for example, I bring far less. But if I know that a grocery store is a no-go, I pack more.

Final tip: divide your snacks into three gallon zip-loc bags – one bag for the way there, one bag for the trip itself, and one bag for the way home.

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