New Metabolism Study: The Takeaway? Build More Muscle.

New Metabolism Study: The Takeaway? Build More Muscle.

A new metabolism study was released a few weeks ago by Herman Pontzer, the author of Burn.

It challenges a lot of what we thought we knew about the metabolism. Previously, we thought it peaked in our teens and 20’s and then declined throughout the rest of adult life. But this study busts some myths, revealing that:

  • Adult metabolism stays very consistent from about 20-60
  • After 60, it only slows by about 0.7% per year
  • Men’s and women’s metabolisms are more similar than we would have thought

This doesn’t exactly correspond with most people’s personal experiences of metabolic rate. Most of us are familiar with the feeling that it becomes progressively easier to gain weight (and harder to lose it) as we we leave our 20’s behind. Most women also know the disproportionate difficulty that they have losing weight during unique times of life, like the postpartum period or menopause.

So what gives? How do we reconcile or real-life experiences with this new study? And what are our practical takeaways?

In this video, I’m focusing on one key aspect of the study that I feel many people overlooked when they shared it:

The fat loss advantages of building more muscle.