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Package Options and Pricing

Remote coaching is the most convenient way to lose those 10-15 pounds that have crept on over the last few years. With online training, you can get strong and lean on your own schedule with ultimate flexibility, whether you want to work out at home or in the gym. With expert guidance, moral support, and clear direction, achieving your physical goals has never been easier or more cost-effective. All you have to do is choose from my package options:

Most Flexible

Get Fit Guidance


  • 3 months
  • One coaching call per month
  • Blend of strength training and cardio
  • Accountability
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Weekly progress tracking
  • Option: save 145 by paying 3 months up-front!

Most Popular

Strong Support


  • 3 months
  • 2 coaching calls per month
  • CUSTOM workouts on YOUR schedule
  • Cardio integration for specific goals
  • In-depth nutrition guidance
  • Personalized goal setting
  • Weekly private messaging
  • Weekly progress tracking
  • Option: save 175 by paying 3 months up-front!

Most Comprehensive

Deluxe Weekly Coaching


  • 3 months
  • 4-5 coaching calls per month
  • CUSTOM workouts on YOUR schedule
  • Cardio integration
  • In-depth nutrition guidance
  • Personalized goal setting
  • UNLIMITED private messaging
  • Weekly progress tracking
  • Mindset and lifestyle coaching
  • Option: save 600 by paying 3 months up-front!
Please note that due to COVID-19, demand for online personal training has increased.

I only accept 30 clients at a time to preserve the excellence of the client experience, and several times since March 2020 I have been at full capacity. If you are serious about your goals and want to get started as quickly as possible, be sure to get in touch and reserve your spot without delay!

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Yes, It’s Possible!

My clients have been training online since 2015, and they love it. Here’s why:

“I gained a leaner, stronger body within the first year, and with that came more mental energy.” – Cynthia (62)

“I didn’t want to be harassed by someone about always getting together in person. I wanted guidance more than the hand holding of actually working out. Plus online is such a better way to fit into my busy schedule and the price is better.” – Kelly (46)

“I was looking for someone to design my workouts but I prefer to workout alone. I’m a huge introvert! I also have the equipment to workout at home so prefer that.” – Robin (44)

“I feel like I can kind of put my fitness/food stuff on autopilot when we are working together.” – Sarah (32)


All Package Options Include:

  • At least 3-4 workouts per week with video demonstrations
  • The choice to use home equipment or your gym
  • Clear instructions that make the workouts easy to follow
  • Workout, nutrition, and progress tracking
  • Private coaching calls (no group calls or “webinars”)
  • Absolutely no products, selling, or recruiting!

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You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers

How do I get started?

Click here to get in touch with me and pick your package! Once you’re set up, your program will begin promptly the following Monday.

Which package should I pick if I’m a complete beginner? 

You can do any package whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced exerciser. I have had clients from all backgrounds enjoy all levels of support – it just depends on how much time you want to invest in the coaching calls.

Is this right for bigger weight loss goals?

It has far more to do with your personality than your actual goal. If you are good at following structure when you have guidance and accountability, then this program is right for you. Speaking as someone who lost 50 pounds and has kept it off for 10 years,  I understand what it’s like to have a bigger goal, and I can assure you with certainty that you can do it! 

How many workouts do Packages 2 and 3 include per week?

Most of my clients with customized workouts end up with 3 strength workouts per week with additional cardio or restorative workouts on other days. We’re aiming for intensity and balance for optimal health and results!

Will I get a meal plan?

I offer in-depth nutritional guidance as part of Packages 2 and 3, but I do not issue meal plans. Instead, I provide guidance around meal planning, mindset, calorie strategizing, macro tracking, and intuitive eating, and I help clients stay on track with their goals and get the results they want without the drudgery of a meal plan. 

Why does it cost so much? 

It may seem expensive compared to an app – but my program is more comparable to the benefits of meeting a personal trainer at the gym several times a week than buying a cookie-cutter online program. You will do the workouts on your own time, but you’re going to have an expert watching your progress, checking in on you, and giving you real-time guidance to help you succeed. Besides, face-to-face personal training to get 3-4 workouts per week, even at the most conservative rates, could cost you almost 700/month (and probably more!) – and that doesn’t include the nutrition coaching and the “whole person” approach that I use to help clients succeed. As my client Karis (40), said, “The trainer at the gym would have given me the ‘bro’ meal plan. I’ve tried that at three times before. With PCOS, that doesn’t work. You meet me where I’m at and take factors like my hormones into consideration!”

Can I do real-time video personal training sessions?

Yes, you can do your workouts with me over internet video as long as our schedules line up. Contact me for custom package creation.


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