Product Recommendations

This page is an organic, growing list of product recommendations that I use myself (and love!).

Please note that these product recommendations are affiliate links, but I don’t endorse any product that I don’t genuinely use myself, and some of these… I’m obsessed with!

Exercise Equipment Product Recommendations

Nutrition and Food Product Recommendations

Protein Powders and Shakes

Protein Bars

Protein Pasta

Roasted Bean Snacks

I am obsessed with roasted bean snacks.

Ready-to-Eat Foods (Pouches)


I love regular coffee, but I don’t drink caffeine regularly. Instead, I drink cacao daily, and this is the brand I use:


Finally, one of the few supplements that I recommend is creatine – especially for women over 35, and even more so if you don’t eat a lot of animal products. Creatine is extremely well-researched and safe, and no, it doesn’t cause weight gain. It helps with muscle energy and recovery to support your workouts, and promotes lean muscle growth when used daily. I recommend the Nutricost brand.