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Rise and Thrive: 12-Week Home Program

Are you ready to…

  • Build muscle?
  • Lose fat?
  • Have boundless energy?
  • Sleep better?
  • Gain radical confidence in your body?

… and stop spinning your wheels with endless dieting?

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Rise and Thrive: 12-Week Home Program

Build muscle, lose fat, and gain radical confidence in your body… and stop spinning your wheels with endless dieting and no results!

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Is This You?

Do you…
  • Feel like you’ve gotten inconsistent with exercise, and a little out of shape?
  • Have access to dumbbells?
  • Have at least 20 minutes to exercise four times per week?
  • Want to improve your relationship with food?
  • Feel ready for a change?

Rise and Thrive is for you. 

This isn’t like other diet and weight loss programs you see online. Instead of focusing only on weight loss, this 12-week strength training and nutrition plan zeroes in on healthy, sustainable fat loss while you build lean muscle.

The result? A more lean, toned physique and a healthier metabolism, without the stress of restrictive dieting or endless cardio. Instead of running your metabolism into the ground and creating weight re-gain (and more fat storage), Rise and Thrive will teach you how to exercise and eat for optimal women’s health and physique. No gimmicks, no diets, no products – just sensible habits that you can adapt to your own lifestyle for good!

With four workouts and one lifestyle strategy per week, you will…
  • Boost your metabolism
  • See more muscle definition
  • Be able to live “real life” (not in diet mode)
  • Sleep better and have more energy
  • Get stronger for workouts and daily life
  • Bonus: enjoy healthier hormones and sex drive!

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How It Works

Fat Loss Instead of Weight Loss?

How do I know this works?

These are the principles I use in my one-on-one coaching with private clients, and they’re strategies that are supported by metabolic research and nutrition science. These workouts and lifestyle changes are incredibly effective, but not everyone can do one-on-one coaching. Normally, I charge between $350 and $545 per month for personalized workouts and nutrition coaching. So, over the last 3-4 months, I have been developing a new DIY strength and nutrition program with unlimited messaging with 10 women for only $149 per month, and here are their experiences…

“I see a definite positive change in the shape and look of my body, which I greatly appreciate!! My energy and sleep have been GREAT – so much better than before I started this.” – Christine, PA

 “I’m really enjoying the workouts and lifting heavier. I feel like I’m getting stronger.” – Rachel, MI

 “Within only 6 weeks, I am already seeing results. I can physically see muscle growth, but more important to me is that everyday tasks are easier.” Cristin, NJ

 “I feel stronger and my legs are definitely toned.” Shakila, NJ

 “My biggest victory is mental freedom from the obsession with food and fitness; I feel genuinely motivated to take care of myself, but it’s not coming from a place of guilt or shame.” Maggie, CA

Still Not Convinced?