Best High-Impact Running Bra (Seriously) -  

Best High-Impact Running Bra (Seriously)

Best High-Impact Running Bra Moving Comfort Fiona

Best High-Impact Running Bra

In a rare “fashion issue” of my blog (with no affiliate marketing or endorsing, I promise!), I want to share one of my secrets for happy running: the right running bra.

If you’re like me and you went from a flat-chested child to a D-cup adolescent overnight in the 6th grade, you spent your coed P.E. classes strapped into multiple sports bras. The effort to control the embarrassing bounce-factor was paramount, and it seemed like no amount of spandex could tame the percussive vertical movement.

As an adult, however, the search for the right sports bra is motivated by more than being simply self-conscious. Once you’re in your mid-twenties and thirties, you realize that long-term damage can be done to larger breasts by providing insufficient support. Especially saddening is the stretching of the “Cooper’s ligaments,” which attach the breast tissue to the pectoral muscles.

The Cooper’s ligaments never “bounce back,” so to speak. While premature sagging is unfortunate and cannot be completely reversed, you can still create an overall perky décolletage in any case with push-ups (the exercises, not the bras), the right daytime bra, and good posture.

Prevention, however, is better than the cure – wear the correctly cup-sized sports bra for exercise, and you will prevent or halt excessive stretching of breast ligaments.

As a purveyor of specialty “small band / full cup” bras myself, I am accustomed to paying upwards of $100 for the right bra. Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered that Brooks Running sells a conservatively-priced cup-sized running bra that goes up to an E cup, provides seriously high support, and is not impossible to wrangle yourself into.

That magic brand is Moving Comfort, and my favorite model is the Fiona bra.

They make several fantastic collections for the larger-bosomed runner, but unfortunately I think that the highest cup size is E. What Moving Comfort gets right, however, is:

  • bra-sized running gear with the full spectrum of band and cup combinations (like the weirdo 30DD that I need)
  • genuinely fun patterns and colors
  • easy, non-corset-like wear with adjustable straps and easy enclosures (see the picture)
  • reasonable prices (the Fiona is less than $30 on the Brooks Running website)

In other words, they keep everything in place, they’re cute, I can own six of them without breaking the bank, and I don’t need help to get in and out of them.

Why the departure from my typical exercise and nutrition tips? Why am I promoting this specific product for no affiliate reason? Here’s why:

It’s the New Year, and I know that many women are facing the typical resolution-oriented pressure to “get in shape” and generally become more active. For many women, their cup size makes high-intensity exercise almost impossible. I have watched friends sit out of fun activities and I have watched clients struggle through HIIT workouts, all because of the lack of the right sports bra.

Not having a good sports bra can inhibit movement for women, and I am all about women embracing life with vigor and energy.

If you want to start running but don’t feel that your yoga tops cut the mustard, check out the Brooks Running website for some well-priced and truly cool support gear, because having the right bra is just as important as having the right running shoe.

Then get out there and move it!

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  1. Sarah

    The Juno is also great! My go-to.

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