Fit Foodie Finds: Healthfair Natural Food Market - Rachel Trotta  

Fit Foodie Finds: Healthfair Natural Food Market

Fit Foodie Finds: Healthfair Natural Food Market

Healthfair Natural Food Market – Little Silver

I’ve been meaning to write this one up for awhile!

I had so much fun in San Francisco at our nearby health food store (the stellar Good Earth Natural Foods in Mill Valley), I felt motivated upon our return home to renew my relationship with our local natural market.

So this morning when I needed to stock up on nuts and seeds, I drove over to the nearby Healthfair Natural Food Market on Branch Avenue in Little Silver instead of going all the way to the supermarket.

Healthfair is a store that I walk and drive by almost every day – it’s a place that Michael and I like to stop for unique groceries and health food products that are hard to find elsewhere. But it’s more than a grocery store – it also has cosmetics, vitamins, a juice and smoothie bar, and – on top of all fo that – does catering, too!

If you are trying to make a qualitative change to your diet – i.e. quit sugar or wheat completely – a natural market like Healthfair is a great way to explore your options.

Holy sugar alternatives!

Having so many options – while it can, admittedly, be overwhelming – can be extremely educational. You learn what’s available, you can compare labels, and find new favorites.

Gluten-free flour? No problem.

Today, since my usual morning smoothie felt a little too cold with the changing season, I was on the hunt for an oatmeal. I managed to land a pumpkin spice oatmeal in their sale section (yes, please!) and also stocked up in their bulk section on cashews and pumpkin seeds.

What I love about stores like Healthfair is that I find unique foods. I find new brands, new products from familiar brands, and have access to bulk foods that often aren’t at regular grocery stores.

So if you’re looking for alternatives for healthier baking, or to level up your grab-n-go food game, then head over to Healthfair Natural Food Market in Little Silver, on Branch Avenue close to the train station!

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