Secrets of Moderation

When I get new clients, I can always tell that there is a yearning for the “secrets.” I can almost hear the internal dialogue:

“Finally. I’m working with a trainer. Now I will know the ultimate truth to getting fit, keeping extra weight off, and feeling great – forever! I can’t wait to learn the diet and workout secrets!” 

We tend to believe that the secrets are “out there” – that Nicole Kidman knows something special about fitness that the rest of us don’t.

P.S. I relate to this – I’m not immune. I find myself clicking on a celebrity trainer’s blog post, thinking, “Aha! Now I will learn Kate Upton’s secrets!!” It happens to the best of us. 

The reality is that the secrets are not “out there” – they’re in here. In you. In fact, the most important secret I can help clients unlock is mindset.

Let’s pause for a moment. Is it true that working with a professional like me would cut down significantly on learning curves, especially in terms of structure, accountability, support, and specific exercise and nutrition guidelines? Absolutely. I do believe my clients benefit from the “consulting” aspect of personal training – I become their personal Google, providing clear direction while cutting down on confusion and self-doubt.

But, ultimately, the client’s mindset is going to win out over anything I’m offering, and make or break results.  

How else could it be possible that a client who I talk to on the phone every two weeks (but never see in person) could get better results than someone I see three times a week (in-home, no less!).

To that end, I have created a new free download on my website that spills my most important mindset tips for health and fitness success. A collection of connected mini-essays on mindset and habits, Secrets of Moderation is a close look at the mental changes that my clients make to create lasting results.

These mindset shifts, in short, are the defining difference between my clients who succeed beyond their wildest dreams, and the ones who never stop struggling.

Honestly? My dream is that every prospective client will read Secrets of Moderation, and start their fitness journey with these principles in mind. This mindset bootcamp would short-circuit so many early failures and get clients making progress faster than they could have believed.

Spoiler alert: I look at things differently from many trainers. As a “weight loss success story” myself, I personally know the frustrations of quick-fix diets and short-lived exercise routines. There will be things that you read in this e-book that may give you pause. You may find yourself feeling alternately defensive and encouraged, confused and inspired. This is because Secrets of Moderation runs counter to the philosophy of many things you’ll read in Women’s Health or SELF, and is based instead on behavioral psychology, addiction theory, habit formation research, and mindfulness coaching.

I wrote this e-book because I see too many people going down very difficult (and probably short-lived) roads of weight loss. I see clients get discouraged when a co-worker loses 20 pounds overnight on a fad diet. I see friends and family members injure themselves in too-intense workout classes. I see in my clients a lifetime of accrued beliefs about body image, food, exercise, and weight.

It’s time to break down these unhelpful beliefs and do something that finally works!

Get your free download here, to learn:

  • What fitness has in common with Chip and Joanna Gaines
  • Why I don’t encourage “cheat meals”
  • How to put the “me” back in “meal prep”
  • Why I hate group fitness, but it’s okay if you don’t
  • The difference between self-discipline and rigidity
  • Why I discourage using phrases like “on track”
  • Why my clients don’t have to choose between progress and living life!

… and more!

Download it here! 

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Rachel Trotta

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Physique and Bodybuilding Specialist, and Women's Fitness Specialist. I live in New Jersey in the NYC metro area, and I coach clients online all over the world. As a trainer and health writer, my mission is to make healthy living sustainable for the average person. I’m also a wife, mom, nature lover, runner, avid cook, weightlifting aficionado, history nerd, travel addict, and obsessive podcast listener. Get in touch!

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