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Fit Foodie Finds: Bahrs Landing (Highlands)

Fit Foodie Finds: Bahrs Landing (Highlands)

This week for Fit Foodie Finds, I’m going to be visiting Highlands, NJ, to sample the good-for-you gluten-free fare at Bahrs Landing.

Just west of the bridge to Sandy Hook, Bahrs is “famous for seafood since 1917.” Overlooking the southern end of Sandy Hook Bay and the marina, Bahr’s offers casual seafood dining like steamers, sandwiches, and platters.

My clients Hari and Lisa in Rumson had been recommending Bahrs to me for awhile, and – because I absolutely love seafood – I couldn’t wait to check it out.

So the very first weekend that we were in town and it was sunny and warm, we headed to Bahrs for lunch.

Of course, just like at any restaurant, you have the opportunity to order something like popcorn shrimp or fried oysters. But one of my strategies for long-term healthy living is to navigate any restaurant menu with an eye for finding the hidden gems of light, delicious fare that would help anyone reach their health goals.

For lunch, Michael and I sat dockside and enjoyed watching the fishermen come into the marina, the seagulls swooping over the bay, and a regal swan who looked slightly out of place bobbing around amongst the slips of the marina.

We were famished, so we ordered quickly. We split the New England clam chowder (which was gluten-free!) and the blackened tuna niçoise salad.

You can see in action several of our strategies at play, which I recommend to my clients:

  • Splitting meals
  • Using an appetizer as one of the orders (instead of two full entrees, for example)
  • Having at least one of the orders emphasize greens/vegetables and lean protein
  • Not eating restrictively (i.e. not cutting all carbs), but instead enjoying rich foods in moderation

It was delicious.

Bahrs didn’t disappoint. The gluten-free chowder was a pleasant surprise – since Michael can’t eat gluten, he’s often excluded from New England clam chowder, and it was a treat that we got to enjoy it together. The blackened tuna niçoise was absolutely delectable – the fish was seared to rare perfection, and the salad itself was lightly dressed with just the right amount of capers.

We will definitely be visiting again, especially because their waterfront dining is a perfect place to bring friends for a quiet view of the Jersey Shore’s natural beauty.

Bahrs Landing is located 2 Bay Avenue, Highlands, NJ 07732. Here are its lunch and dinner menus.

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