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Brinner to the Rescue

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How Non-Traditional Meals (Like Brinner!) Can Help You Reach Your Goals

In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you a secret that I use with some of my clients.

That secret is: eating brinner.

Breakfast for dinner, that is.

Many of my clients aim for calorie and macro goals, using a tracker like MyFitnessPal. In my last post, I talked about how to use the “Recipe” function of MFP to make tracking even easier. But today, I’m going to share with you how you can make meals – especially dinner – as simple as humanly possible, to make both measurement and progress easy.

When it comes to planning meals, an obstacle that many of my clients face is getting stuck on traditional meal plans, and – by extension – beliefs about specific foods, like:

  • You can only have eggs for breakfast.
  • You can only have sandwiches (or salads!) for lunch.
  • You can only have fruit for a snack.
  • You can only have meat and vegetables for dinner.

But sometimes, traditional meal planning and what is easy don’t always line up.

For example, it can be time-consuming (both in terms of cooking and cleaning) to make an egg-based meal fresh for breakfast. For my clients who go to work early in the morning, the idea that they can only hit their protein goals by having eggs for breakfast can create a sense of quiet panic. They know a bowl of cereal or a bagel would be easier, but they don’t know how that fits in with their goals.

So what’s the solution?

Think outside the box when it comes to planning meals.

There’s no rule, for example, that you can’t eat “normal food” for breakfast. If you’ve prepped meals, there’s no reason that you couldn’t eat a dinner for breakfast, or breakfast for dinner. As long as it agrees with your stomach and your schedule, it makes sense to keep things simple.

“Brinner,” especially, can help my clients hit their goals, by giving them the option of a filling, fresh, hot meal at the end of the day that doesn’t require a lot of cooking time. Plus, an egg-based meal can make hitting macro goals extremely easy, by loading up on high-protein egg whites, scrambling in low-carb vegetables like spinach, and topping with reduced fat cheese.

If you’re working on a health, weight loss, or physique goal, it’s important to remember that our beliefs around food are powerful. Concepts around what foods are “right” to eat for meals can influence us to eat poorly in the morning and too richly at night.

By turning these concepts upside-down and embracing non-traditional meal planning, we have the opportunity to eat in a way that helps us reach our health, weight loss, and physique goals with ease and convenience.

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