Healthy Charcuterie Board Ideas

Do you find that it’s too easy to overeat on cheese, crackers, and salami with a typical charcuterie board?

This is understandable because foods like cheese and salami have a quality called “hyperpalatability” – they’re salty, high in fat, and high in calories per bite. While I personally love cheese, I’m all too aware of how easy it is to overeat – because of its calorie density, it’s easy to eat quickly (and not feel full), and to casually consume literally hundreds of calories just by visiting the cheese plate every once in awhile over the course of several hours.

Because of this, what I often recommend to clients is – whether they are hosting or guesting – to bring a healthy charcuterie board so that there is something they can munch on that is healthier and a little “slower” in terms of calorie intake (higher protein and fiber, but also more filling).

I have some favorite products and tips that I’ve used at parties to create beautiful, crowd-pleasing snack plates, and the resulting healthy charcuterie board is incredibly high in protein and fiber. Of course, you can use these ideas as the base and also throw in a pile of prosciutto and a wedge of brie (I’ve done this, too). But simply having the option to snack on something delicious that is also filling and satisfying (because of the high fiber and protein content) is a great strategy to curb cravings and prevent unwanted overeating.

Healthy Charcuterie Board Ideas

  • Bada Bean Bada Boom – absolute best flavor is Sweet Sriracha
  • The Only Bean Edamame Snacks – amazing Ranch flavor – use code RACHELT to save 15%*
  • Harvest Snaps
  • Big bunch of beautiful dark purple grapes – this really ties it all together
  • Hummus with cut vegetables
  • Apple slices with sweet yogurt dip (Greek yogurt + smooth natural peanut butter + stevia to taste)

This board has lovely color contrast, strong flavors, balance, and visual appeal – just because it has a lot of “healthy” choices doesn’t mean it won’t be a crowdpleaser. And with the bean snacks and the Greek yogurt doing some heavy lifting in terms of protein, you can practically use this snack plate as lunch if you need to.

So if you’ve been working on your nutrition but have misgivings about an upcoming party and what might be available for you – take the initiative, create this beautiful, healthy charcuterie board, and rest easy knowing that you have great snack options on the table.

*I am an affiliate for The Only Bean and receive a small commission when you use my discount code, but trust me – this product is one of my absolute favorites 

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