Smoked Salmon Toast: Meal Prep Like a Pro  

Smoked Salmon Toast: Meal Prep Like a Pro

Smoked Salmon Toast: Meal Prep Like a Pro

Smoked Salmon Toast: Meal Prep Like a Pro

If you read my original post about meal prep, you know that I highly recommend cooking all of your meals ahead of time and pre-portioning them into individual packages for re-heating. I firmly believe that it is one of the most reliable, sustainable ways to maintain a healthy weight for life. Is the method always perfect? Of course not. Life events like illness, busy weeks at work, and travel throw us off our center. But the goal is consistency, not perfection. 

I’m starting my meal prep series with breakfast, because this is the meal that many people struggle to incorporate into their daily routine with ease. Whether you believe “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” or that you can live without it, there is no doubt that you need to eat at some point in the morning.

How to Meal Prep Breakfast If You Don’t Like Breakfast

Not hungry when you wake up? Or maybe you wake up ravenous? It’s important to have a reliable routine for eating breakfast no matter how you feel in the morning – and it can vary from person to person, day to day! If you’re the kind of person who wakes up very hungry, I say: take advantage of it and eat breakfast as soon as possible, and then have a very light snack mid-morning.

What I advise for people who aren’t hungry upon waking is the reverse: a very light “first breakfast” at home (like a simple protein shake), and packing the actual “breakfast” (the meals listed here) for a large mid-morning snack break. This can be very effective for people who “don’t like breakfast.”

Throw-Together Feasts

Whether you’re eating at 6:00 or 9:00, it is important that breakfast be proverbially “balanced” – rich with energizing protein, slow-burning carbohydrates, and satisfying fats. However, the handy thing about breakfast is that it often does not require a lot of cooking.

Instead, having the right ingredients around is crucial, which means that the habits and repetition should start even before the kitchen, but instead in the grocery store.

There are about four breakfast/snack combinations that I use over and over again in my own life, and you can find the first one in this post. Keep checking the blog for the next installments!

Smoked Salmon Toast

I obviously live in New York City if I lead with the lox, but the benefits of incorporating salmon into your diet can be enjoyed with this delicious breakfast. Yes, you probably shouldn’t eat cured/smoked foods as a constant staple of your diet, and yes, smoked salmon is high in sodium, but in my opinion, having lox as a part of your food rotation (not every day) is more beneficial than it is risky.

Smoked salmon is high in protein and healthy fats (good for your heart and brain), and it is also instant – no cooking required.

The Shopping List

Several of these ingredients, like the capers, will last much longer than one week!

  • Smoked salmon
  • Whole grain bread (I eat gluten-free, but it’s not necessary for health)
  • Tomatoes
  • Cream cheese (I personally buy light)
  • One red onion
  • One can of capers

It’s very simple. I toast a piece of bread, and spread it with the cream cheese. Then I layer over that about 3 oz. of smoked salmon, a few tomato slices, a few rings of sliced red onion, and a dash of capers. No cooking required, if you don’t count the toast (come on).

A handy portion trick

When you buy something like smoked salmon, that comes in a package and has nutritional information on the back, you can avoid using a food scale to figure out what three ounces looks like simply by checking how many servings are in a container, and pre-slicing the item into that many pieces. Done!

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