Fit Foodie Finds: Jus - Atlantic Highlands - Rachel Trotta  

Fit Foodie Finds: Jus – Atlantic Highlands

Fit Foodie Finds: Jus – Atlantic Highlands

Fit Foodie Finds: Jus – Atlantic Highlands

As this summer draws to a close, I realize just how much I’ve settled into the Two Rivers area. We have found our date night spots and health food stores, I’ve found my coffee shops, and now I’ve found my go-to spot for gluten-free treats and organic juices: Jus – Atlantic Highlands.

Jus is a small, owner-operated business on 1st Avenue in Atlantic Highlands, which means it’s a perfect spot to grab your coffee or gluten-free breakfast for the ferry ride to the city.

A cozy coffeeshop with a bohemian flair, Jus offers menu items ranging from fresh juices and smoothies to breakfast bowls to toasts.

But one of my favorite things about Jus is that it goes beyond typical juice bar fare by offering adaptogenic beverages – herbal blends that help to support overall health. Using Moon Dust from Moon Juice in LA, these beverages contain herbs like shatavari, gingko, rhodiola, ashwagandha, astragalus, maca, reishi, goji, and more.

The adaptogenic beverage menu offers drinks like the “Sex Dust Hot Chocolate” (which is very good), “Spirit Dust Golden Chai Latte,” and “Brain Dust Latte.”

Besides, who doesn’t want to have a “Sex Dust Hot Chocolate”??

Plus, there is a very cool kids’ spot in Jus – one entire bright corner of the coffeeshop is dedicated to a children’s area where kids can be kids!

Owned and operated by Renee Dorski, former model and mother of two, Jus is a friendly and welcoming spot that is worth checking out!


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