Making the Changes that Matter

New Year, New You?

January is here, and we’re all going to start seeing a lot of “New Year, New You” ads. In years past, several of my clients have elected to do a “Dry-nuary” to offset the indulgences of Christmas. Other people give up sugar or carbs to tackle short-term weight loss goals. Also, it’s no secret that health clubs and gyms get a huge bump in the first weeks of the year. In other words, New Year’s Resolutions are a big deal for the diet and weight loss industry. 

However, it’s also no secret that many resolutions fail… almost immediately.

Because of this, I feel that the recent trend in the “enlightened” health and fitness industry is for wellness professionals to go in the other direction and scoff at January motivation. “If it’s worth starting in the New Year, it’s worth starting now,” goes the usual rhetoric. While I somewhat agree with this sentiment, I also get that January is mentally a natural time to take stock of your life and set goals for the year.

… And I applaud it.

The quest for self-improvement

We all want to be better people. And – whether we like it or not – our physical health and wellness plays a huge role in how we show up for life. January, as a milestone after the decadent holidays, is a natural time that we step back to reflect how we want to be happier, more complete, and more confident in the new year. We think ahead to how we want to feel in June in a swimsuit, or even next holiday season when we see our families all over again.

However, my only problem with New Years based resolutions and fitness challenges is that people often overhaul the things that don’t matter, and accidentally neglect the things that could make a meaningful long-term difference in their lives.

Unfortunately, this strategy of “majoring on the minors” automatically ensures that the lifestyle changes – which were white-knuckled from the starting gate – will fall apart within weeks, making basically no difference in the big picture of someone’s life.

That is why I started offering online group coaching back in January of 2017.

Re-Wind to January 2017

Since January of last year, I have been offering online group coaching as an option for working with me, to give people supplementary support that they need to build habits – especially meal prepping. I love online coaching (and I am psyyyyyyched about my January group this month!!), and in 30 days the program seems to fly by – we have just enough time in a month to address major habits like cooking, packing food, developing some mindfulness habits, and improving the diet overall. I provide recipes, 24/7 online support, and a curriculum that helps people, as well as workouts that are approachable for people from a variety of fitness levels. It’s effective and surgical, majoring in the majors. It’s also pretty intense.

While one month is just enough time to jumpstart better (and very important, sustainable) habits, I have been brainstorming for the last few months a bigger project – a larger-scope, more comprehensive habit change project that will cover even more aspects of habit formation, eating psychology, and behavioral change. Spoiler alert: this is a non-fiction book proposal in the works!

But before I write the proposal itself, I’m in the research phase, so I want to run an open-source lifestyle strategy project for experimentation and data collection. This project will focus on:

“Making the Changes That Matter”

Fast forward to January 2018 now. I am not sure yet what I am ultimately going to call this project, but for now I’m piloting it under “Making the Changes That Matter.” 

How is this going to be different from my online coaching groups (which I will continue to run, because they are awesome and you should definitely treat yourself to at least one month)?

  • Online coaching takes place in a closed, secret Facebook group with workouts and a cookbook that lasts 30 days, that you can repeat multiple times.
  • “Making the Changes That Matter” is not coaching. It will consist of blog posts, emails, and habits to try each month.
  • Online coaching focuses on creating big habits in a short amount of time.
  • “Making the Changes That Matter” focuses on small habits over a long period of time.
  • Online coaching focuses mainly on a few important habits, like meal prep and proactive strategies.
  • “Making the Changes That Matter” focuses on a variety of lifestyle factors that include body image, mindset, sleep, stress, family relationships, hormones, and more.
  • Online group coaching gives you LOTS of support – almost daily posts to the group, as well as lots of live stream videos and interactive discussions each week!
  • “Making the Changes That Matter” will be more of an independent program that you adapt to your lifestyle – each month will cover a different topic, and it’s up to you to apply it and report back via e-mail to me if you want!
  • Online group coaching costs $150/month (unless you get the early bird special of $99!).
  • “Making the Changes That Matter” will be completely free, because the concepts that we will be covering do not require money to implement in your life! 

….And the new program is going to be a whole year!! That’s right, 12 whole months of experimenting with new routines, developing new attitudes, and experiencing the advantages of long-term support and structure. In other words, your new year’s resolutions will really be resolutions for the whole new year, not just the first month!

The good news is that a lot of change can happen in a year.

This may actually be a case of “New Year, New You.”

And right now, I’m hoping that a few people will be willing to be my test subjects and really make a huge effort to implement the habits and report back to me.

Interested? Read on!!

Is This a Good Fit For You?

Just to be clear:

“Making the Changes That Matter” will not require you to use apps, Facebook, calorie counting, weighing, measuring, or prescribed workouts. You won’t even be a member of a group. Instead, this project will focus on the core habits and strategies that I have seen yield incredible health results for women all over the country, over and over again, without micro-managing, dieting, obsessing, or over-exercising. And you can participate (and benefit from it) whether your goal is to lose no weight, or to lose 5 or 50 pounds.

It’s free – so what’s the catch?

Nothing in life is free, right?

While this will be financially cost-free, I do ask that if you participate, you:

  • Let me know you want to do it by clicking this link
  • Read my blog post each week (which will contain the strategies)
  • Implement the strategies of the week to the best of your ability
  • Keep a simple daily journal (there will be instructions in the first blog post)
  • Answer reflection questions in the blog post each week via e-mail

That’s it!!!

Do you want to keep doing what you’re doing, or are you ready to make the changes that matter?

If you want to participate and do the whole deal with the daily journal and the weekly e-mail, you don’t even need to sign up – just let me know via e-mail so that I am aware of your participation. All you need to do is look out for my newest blog post each week.

If you are not on Facebook a lot and think you may miss a blog post, use the form below to subscribe to my e-mail list, which will send you a weekly newsletter.

Let’s do it! Let’s make 2018 the best year yet!

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